VF Lawyers: Your full-service, multi-state law firm

35 years providing education, advocacy, and analysis for sustainable local communities

Practice Philosophy

At VF Law, we believe that experience and knowledge are crucial; that’s why every attorney on our staff maintains a high level of expertise to promote sustainable local communities. We are involved with the latest legislative proceedings, and keep an up-to-date working knowledge of every governing statute and law.

VF possesses unmatched experience in providing HOA guidance, planning for healthy building from the ground up, helping small business and corporations run smoothly, handling family law issues, creating wills and trusts, and so much more!

No matter your legal issue, we will offer proactive assistance to avoid legal roadblocks later on, combined with educational tools and more than 35 years of experience, in order to help you navigate the difficulties of community life.


VF Law and its predecessor firm trace their roots back to 1979, when founder Rich Vial began working with the Oregon Department of Real Estate reviewing condominium applications for the state. After working with a firm in downtown Portland for several years, Rich started his own law firm in 1992 and was soon joined by Rob Fotheringham in 1998 to form Vial Fotheringham LLP, who also had a solid background in real estate law, title law, business law, and estate planning.

The firm has grown significantly since then, with six offices across the Western U.S., practicing in Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, and Washington. These offices house our committed, caring, and experienced group of lawyers and staff members.

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