COVID-19 and the Risk of Getting Sued

By: Scott Welker In American law, there is a long, quiet history of the ill suing the people who made them ill. Dating at least back to the 1800s, defendants […]

Your Water Rights

By: Dale B. Kimsey The State Legislature has tasked the State Courts with widespread legal proceedings that could limit or strip you of your water rights if you do not […]

Water Rights Topics

By: Dale B. Kimsey The buying, selling, and transferring of water rights can be a lengthy process. It’s very different from irrigation water and requires involvement at the state level. […]

Important Concepts Regarding Water in Utah

By: Dale B. Kimsey I DIVERSION is the change of course, scope or use of water. Your groundwater or surface source is under constant threat by other water withdrawals, administrative […]


By: Darrien Shuquem If you have observed damage in or around your home or building such as cracks in drywall or stucco (especially from the corners of doors and windows), […]