Holiday Thoughts from VF

Holiday Thoughts from VF (Oregon Law)
November 15, 2012 | By: Jeremy O. Evans

It is the season of harvest and holidays again.  In the same way you reflect on family and gratitude in your personal life this season, take a moment to reflect on the state of your community and board.  This year in the community association world we have seen some dramatic examples of what happens when a board is not mindful of its duties, with the massive construction defect scandals that have come to light in Las Vegas.  We have also seen tragedy and violence in Kentucky, where a distraught homeowner turned to weapons to settle a dispute in a homeowner association meeting. Meanwhile, great volunteer association leaders are quietly and effectively doing their jobs around the country without any fanfare or media attention.

The elected directors of homeowner associations have a number of legal duties, but one duty we rarely speak of is the duty of leadership.  This is not a legal duty that can be enforced in a courtroom, but it can make all the difference in how a community functions.  It also can make all the difference in how you as a volunteer board member feel about your work at the end of the day.

A leader is given the duty and responsibility to help create and maintain a community.   As the elected director of an association of homeowners, what are you doing to protect the value of your neighborhood? Are you being consistent and fair in enforcing restrictions and collecting obligations?  What are you doing to set a tone of reasonable dispute resolution in association matters?  Do the owners know that their concerns will be heard in a fair and reasonable way?

Take some time to reflect on where you are leading your community.  Reflect upon where you are going and make plans for where you would like to go.  Most of all: enjoy the holidays.

From your friends and advisors at VF Law.