The Importance of Following Reserve Study Requirements (Oregon Law)

Establish Reasonable HOA Dues, HOA Fees and Condominium Association Fees Using A Reserve Study A well-maintained reserve fund is an important part of ensuring the financial health of an association. This is especially true as the association ages, and building components need to be replaced. Many association boards, unfortunately, discover that prior boards have not […]

Construction Defects

VF Law LLP is dedicated to effectively litigating construction defect disputes on behalf of homeowner and condominium associations, and owners of multi-family and commercial projects. Our litigation team has successfully prosecuted more than 100 million in construction defect claims. We are not a developer’s law firm, and have a singular focus on restoring the equity […]

Construction Defect Litigation

There is no such thing as a perfectly constructed home. In fact, sometimes the developer and builder (i.e., contractor) responsible for ensuring construction quality fail to meet even the minimum standards for construction, such that the resulting building is not worthy of the title “home.” Problems with construction quality have become especially common in the […]

Keeping Your Association Afloat

We have all watched as the economy has taken a massive downturn. As individuals suffer, so do the communities that they live in, specifically homeowner associations. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, short sales and abandoned properties are all too common. Individuals who are unable to meet their financial obligations are forced to decide if they should make their […]

Annual Assessment Time!

As the New Year rolls through our neighborhoods, replacing sparkling lights with Broncos flags, with newly resolved joggers in the street and dead trees curbside, many people will also be facing another seasonal inevitability: the arrival of an annual assessment bill from their homeowners or condominium owners association. Assessments aren’t a mortgage payment, nor are […]

HOAs Bolster Property Values!

A June 11, 2009 Associated Press article about homeowner and condo associations was picked up by newspapers all over the country. The article played on popular fears of rising foreclosure rates and bankruptcies around the country. Instead of reporting the important and growing role that associations play in maintaining property values, building community, and otherwise […]

The Truth About Assessments

“Assessments” may be the most commonly used word in homeowners association vernacular, but what does it mean? Both the Oregon Planned Community Act and the Oregon Condominium Act define the term to include any charge levied against an owner by an association. Annual or monthly dues? Assessment. Fine for parking your R.V. out front? Assessment. […]

Short Sales

HOAs are no strangers to foreclosures. The loss of HOA assessment income due to foreclosures is substantial. More and more owners are “underwater” in their lot or condominium unit: the amount they owe far exceeds the value. Lenders are taking longer to foreclose and HOAs are experiencing increased losses as a result. One tool to […]

Collections Practices

Our country’s recession has affected all aspects of life in our country, and homeowner associations have taken the brunt of some of the worst of it. The majority of associations throughout the country, Utah being no exception, are now having to deal with increases in past-due assessments, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and short sales. Homes are losing […]

Legislative Process

In addition to the governing documents, Homeowners Associations and Planned Communities are also subject to the Oregon Condominium Act and Planned Community Act. Because both statutes are constantly evolving (and may be modified from time to time by the Oregon State Legislature), it is important to understand the basics of how the legislative process works […]