Defect Claims Get a Boost

HOA’s increasingly have exterior maintenance and repair responsibilities in non-condominium developments, and in that regard have the same type of financial responsibility that a condominium association would have over the common areas. When a developer’s defective construction increases those repair and maintenance expenditures, an association can quickly find itself without the funds necessary to make […]


Once again VF Law LLP, the only law firm in the state with a track record of representing Oregon’s homeowner associations in the appellate courts of Oregon, has asked the Oregon Supreme Court to review the recent decision handed down by the Oregon court of appeals in Quail Hollow v. Brownstone et al. Quail Hollow […]

Common Interest Developments

Homeowners associations are quickly becoming ubiquitous with home ownership. According to the 1990 United States census, nearly one out of every eight Americans lived in a CID; since that time, an estimated (60%) of the new housing developed in the United States is CID-type housing. The bulk of new residential projects in Oregon (and nationwide) […]

Senate Bill 955

The 2005 legislative session marked a low point for Oregon homeowner associations. Budget woes generally being experienced by the state captured virtually all of the legislators’ time while homeowner association bills received short shrift. Added to the lack of attention that the homeowner association-related bills received was the new phenomenon of a variety of bills […]