ID Senate Bill 1310

Press Release Quoting VF Law Attorneys Re: Senate Bill 1310 In order to address the issue of homeowner association fines in Idaho, Senate Bill 1310 represents the beginnings of a […]

Utah Embezzlement

A Homeowners Association’s (HOA) board of directors acts like a mini government.  Like a government, it has the power to collect taxes, through assessments, and spend those funds, which it […]

Rule Making (Oregon Law)

One of the powers granted to Board of Directors in Associations is rule making.  There are few things all board should be aware about this power, and what it means […]

FHA Approval and Rental Restrictions

Most folks involved in the condominium industry are, at least vaguely, aware that obtaining FHA approval for condominium projects has become both increasing important, as well as increasingly complicated over […]

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For a free chat with one of our expert HOAdvisors, where–as a board member or manager–you can ask your pressing planned community questions at no charge, visit: To receive […]

Common Pitfalls

I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity of the solutions HOA boards come up with to the difficult situations they face.  Faced with tight budgets, demanding residents, and difficult personalities, […]