Water Rights Topics

March 23, 2020 | By:

By: Dale B. Kimsey

The buying, selling, and transferring of water rights can be a lengthy process. It’s very different from irrigation water and requires involvement at the state level. Fortunately, we have systems in place, 25 years of experience that enables us to shoulder the burden in the complicated transfer of water rights. 

Water Shares

Each city accepts different water shares and each water share has a specified amount of acre feet per share. It can be confusing if you are not up to date and familiar with the irrigation company process and city ordinances. By choosing to use us, we will automatically eliminate any confusion with the process as we are always up to date with the current water shares accepted by each city. 

Selling water can be a hassle and time consuming if you aren’t familiar with the process. There is a lot that goes into finding a buyer and all the paperwork associated with the sale. Fortunately, we have dedicated experts with over 25 years of experience who will work hard to make the buying and selling process run smoothly. We will work for you to eliminate any difficulties associated with the transaction. We will make sure shares are properly signed over and find a buyer that pays you the price agreed upon. Our main priority is your satisfaction. Contact us today and let us get started right away working for you! Call or email us today for more information.

Whether you are buying a small amount for your personal property, or a large amount for a major development, buying water is not something to take lightly. With over 25 years of experience we are confident that we will be able to get you the water you need regardless of the amount or the location.

Utah has over 1100 different irrigation companies, and hundreds of cities that each hold different rules and regulations of how water is to be transferred and handled. There are minute details within each water right or water share that need to be carefully analyzed and handled before moving forward with a purchase.

Here at Utah Water and Land we take great pride in the care we take with each of our clients. When working with our team of experts, we ensure that the task of purchasing water is hassle free and easy. When purchasing water through us we guarantee that the water will transferable to the city you request or your money back. Call or email us today to get more information regarding your water purchase.

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