Membership for Self Managed Associations

At VF Law we understand the challenges of working with small association budgets and of forecasting costs. We created VF Community Plus to serve as a resource for self managed associations that may be smaller in size and have less flexibility with their funds. VF Community Plus is a membership program which allows you to choose a level of investment in exchange for preset inclusions to support your community needs.

Choose Your Level of Support

We’ve designed three tiers of membership, each with a different degree of support. Whether you just want us to review your documents and attend your annual meeting, or you’d like to take advantage of a more robust relationship, we have a package that works for your association needs.

Private Portal for Homeowners

Every tier of VF Community Plus includes a private web portal to host your association documents for homeowner access.

Upon subscription you’ll get a web url and a password you can share with all homeowners in your association. Have a homeowner sell? No problem, just notify us and we’ll change the password, ensuring that only current homeowners have access.

Homeowners can access and download documents any time at their convenience, leaving board members to focus on more important matters.


Pick the Level that Works for You


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