The Benefits of the CommunityCollect Program

We understand the challenges facing volunteer Boards of Directors and their management firms. We also identify with the difficult dynamics involved in collecting past-due assessments. VF Law believes an HOA shouldn’t have to lose money trying to recover assessments they are owed; we also believe a board shouldn’t have to deal with the discomfort of collecting money from their neighbors. In order to ensure a steady collection of HOA assessments and a comfortable dynamic for the HOA board, we have created an innovative collections system with many benefits. Benefits of the VF Law’s Collection approach and CommunityCollect Program:

  • All accounts are followed with aggressive, professional, prompt action with a high rate of success
  • VF Law takes the risk for you, and maintains strict enforcement of payment plans to ensure delinquent accounts will be made current, giving the association a resource that holds us accountable (ability to view and monitor progress as it’s being made)
  • Status updates are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year via the Internet; because of these online status reports and account updates, there is no lag in time and no paper copies to wait for in the mail
  • Protected and personalized access (the owner may not see their own account; only the association and manager has access)
  • All collection fees (including attorney fees) are charged to the debtor, not the association
  • To avoid bounced checks, funds are distributed to the association upon collection
  • Ability to view all documents, dues, and liens filed on the account, and all pertaining details in real-time, such as:
    • The last action taken
    • The next action that has to occur
    • Owner’s mailing address
    • Where the owner works
    • Upcoming board meetings
    • Assessments that have been charged to the account
    • Attorney fees that have generated
  • Ability to remain environmentally friendly, saving 2 to 3.5 tons of trees and 7,000 gallons of water with each ton of paper not printed through this entirely online program

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