Business/Corporate Law

Our specialized team at VF Law provides a wide array of small business services and corporate law assistance. We represent small to medium-sized businesses in all matters from inception to business succession. After our initial 30-minute complimentary consultation, VF will create a plan designed to meet the individual needs of each client. Fees for business […]

Construction Law & Defects

Our unique goal is to proactively keep communities healthy and happy by offering: Educational construction defect courses Advocacy for solid construction and development integrity General counsel to facilitate sustainable communities Help with building permits and construction issues Navigation for all parties in CD disputes Recovery of HOA defect costs: In the last 35 years, we […]

Estate Planning

VF Law provides a wide array of estate planning services. The process begins with a complimentary consultation to educate clients on the options available to them. From there, we create a plan designed to meet the individual needs of each client, and fees are usually based on flat fees rather than hourly rates, so clients […]

Evictions and Tenant Collections

VF Law has a team dedicated to providing representation for landlords in need of evicting current tenants and collecting on former tenants. We can manage the entire eviction process or step in at various stages to fit the landlord’s needs. Several of our evictions services are billed at flat rates to help the landlord budget […]

Family Law

VF Law’s family law practice was put into effect to help people from all walks of life resolve their personal, family, and relationship-based issues. We understand the level of difficulty and distress faced in this type of situation, and know there is a need to resolve these problems proactively, effectively, and as quickly as possible, […]

Foreclosure Help

Foreclosure Defense: We Can Help Foreclosures are an impending threat to many communities and families nationwide. However, if you are concerned about losing your home, we can help. Many swept up in a foreclosure have little knowledge of the law, are manipulated by service providers, or think they just can’t afford help. Those undergoing a […]

Governing Document Review

VF Law offers thorough reviews of homeowner and condominium association governing documents. We have over 35 years of experience helping analyze, enforce, interpret, and amend CC&Rs, bylaws, rules, and regulations. Our attorneys offer three levels of document review. This allows the association to determine the level of detail and expense it wants to invest in […]

HOA Collections Solution

Having trouble collecting assessments from homeowners? We offer a unique program where associations don’t have to use their funds to collect from those who don’t pay.  Our collection professionals at VF Law collect millions in past-due assessments each year on behalf of our clients! Learn from Vial Fotheringham Experts : Collect Past-Due HOA Dues, HOA […]

Homeowner & Condo Association Assistance

HOAdvisors: Practice Area: Lawyers and Advisors for HOA and Condo Association Issues and Problems VF Law has 35 years in the industry providing everyday HOA guidance and counsel, while also advocating for planned communities on a higher level with the state. We: Provide education, resources, and tools Interpret and amend governing documents Enforce rules Collect […]


VF Law has built excellent working relationships with the judges and staff of our local courts with 35 years litigating on behalf of clients, and can easily navigate through even the most complex legal environments. We provide representation in: Construction Defect Litigation Contract Disputes Probate/Trust Litigation Business Litigation Real Estate Litigation Agricultural Litigation Intellectual Property […]

Real Estate & Land Use

With over 35 years practicing general real estate law, VF Law offers unparalleled experience with: Real estate transactions, including due diligence solving boundary, title, and contract issues Land use law, including permits, rezones, multi-phased developments, mixed use, commercial developments, and property contiguous to developments Environmental compliance: acquiring property, filing permits, meeting/maintaining compliance Offering general counsel […]

Utah Water Rights Preservation

Urgent update for Utah as of January 2020 –  VF Law is here to help those with water rights. The State of Utah initiated widespread legal proceedings that can strip you of your water rights if you do not take immediate action.  You have probably received notice of these proceedings.  If you believe you have […]