HOA Collections Solution


Expert Collections Solution for HOA Dues, HOA Fees, and Condo Dues

Having trouble collecting assessments from homeowners? We offer a unique program where associations don’t have to use their funds to collect from those who don’t pay.  Our collection professionals at VF Law collect millions in past-due assessments each year on behalf of our clients!

Learn from Vial Fotheringham Experts : Collect Past-Due HOA Dues, HOA Fees, and Condo Dues

Our unrivaled online application and experienced collections team allow for:

  • Protected and personalized online account access
  • Status reports accessible in real-time, available 24/7, 365 days a year on your PC, tablet, or mobile device
  • Streamlined collections services followed aggressively and professionally
  • Collecting without using HOA funds (all fees are charged to the debtor)
  • Making accounts whole without board effort or risk
  • An environmentally conscious, paperless program

How to sign up and what is needed 

Getting signed up with our collections program is fast and easy. To enroll, simply contact our collections department to schedule a meeting, ready with the following:

What’s needed?

A copy of your association’s documents and bylaws

What’s the cost?

  • $250 one-time fee, to send as many accounts as needed

Note: This fee is waived for Arizona and Colorado associations

Contact Information
To arrange a consultation or receive a free CommunityStatus online portal demo, contact us at [email protected].