Homeowner & Condo Association Assistance


Practice Area: Lawyers and Advisors for HOA and Condo Association Issues and Problems

VF Law has 35 years in the industry providing everyday HOA guidance and counsel, while also advocating for planned communities on a higher level with the state. We:

  • Provide education, resources, and tools
  • Interpret and amend governing documents
  • Enforce rules
  • Collect assessments
  • Litigate construction defects
  • Help resolve foreclosure and bankruptcy issues
  • Get condos FHA approval
  • And more!

Learn from Vial Fotheringham Experts : Resolve HOA Issues and HOA Complaints

In addition to our array of HOA law services and assistance, we also offer numerous educational opportunities, publications, and resources. We pride ourselves on passing on our knowledge and experience to you, in order to help you navigate community life.