Camron A. Hamilton

VF Team Role:

  • National Brand Manager

Practice Emphasis:

  1. Manage External/Internal Brand and Culture (National)
  • Promote Firm Synergy and Growth
  1. Build and Manage Firm Efficiency and Structure (National)
  • Encourage Self-Awareness and Training
  • Target and Utilize Individual’s Strengths
  • Recommend Education with Weaknesses
  • Suggest Toxic Elements to be Eliminated
  • Organize Efficient Teams of Employees
  1. Devise Marketing Plan (National)
  • Design, Implement, and Facilitate Annual Marketing and Communications Plan
  • Translate Objectives and Strategies to Develop Brand and Facilitate Business Growth
  1. Develop and Manage Marketing Budgets and Client Databases (National)
  2. Manage Marketing Suppliers (National)
  • Negotiate with Media Representatives and Secure Agreements
  • Edit Materials According to State/Region Specific Market or Consumer
  1. Develop National & State Specific Promotional Materials
  • Design Marketing Collateral, Print Ads, Radio Spots, Billboards, Web/Social Media Communication, Press Releases, and TV Commercials
  1. Direct New Business Approach (National)
  • Advance New Market Research and Suggest New Cities/Targets
  • Work with Regional Offices on Designing/Implementing Prospecting and Presentation Methods
  1. Manage Marketing Department (National)
  • Supervise and Hire Marketing Assistant(s), Events Coordinator(s), State Team Leaders, Communications Manager, Regional Marketing Manager(s), and Interns
  • Plan and Facilitate 100+ Events Annually
  1. Oversee Corporate Communications (National)
  • Support the Business to Meet Objectives, Principles and Philosophy
  • Develop Marketing Strategy Based on Knowledge of Establishment and Type of Market(s)
  1. Design New Regional Corporate Offices
  • Suggest Locations
  • Plan and Design Build-Out
  • Interior/Exterior Design

Professional Experience:

  • 17 years marketing experience
  • 17 years managing national brands
  • 15 years recruiting, mentoring, managing and developing staff
  • Mission: Create brands that command attention


  • University of Oregon

Professional Involvement:

  • CAI Regional
  • BYU Management Society
  • YPOP
  • Ignite Action
  • PABA


  • Italian


Camron loves travel and outdoor adventure!