Teri Rodrigues

VF Team Role:

  • Marketing & Events Director

Practice Emphasis:

  • Collaborates with VF offices to coordinate marketing, events and communications

Community Involvement:

  • Volunteer, Arizona Youth Football and Golf Program in Schools, two organizations designed to help keep kids active and introduce them to opportunities they may not otherwise have available to them
  • Member, CAI Central AZ Chapter
  • Member, AACM


Teri is an native Oregonian, and up until the day she moved to Arizona nearly nine years ago, her family and friends were in complete denial that she would leave the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and make the move to the Valley of the Sun.  She has three beautiful children and three grandchildren, loves the sun and golf, and is an avid sports fan.  While in Portland, she enjoyed several years working game nights doing on-floor promotions for the Portland Trail Blazers, Portland Fire, Portland Forestdragons, Portland Prowlers, and Portland Lumberjax.  These days, rather than work the games, she enjoys viewing most of them from the comfort of her living room.