Architectural Standards

One of the central roles of a homeowners or condominium owners association is the enforcement of architectural standards. The establishment of architectural standards is at the core of many declarations of covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CCRs or “declaration”). Owners want to know that nobody will build a monstrous pink house next to them. Many declarations […]

Architectural Control Provisions

When responding to an owner’s request for approval related to construction, maintenance, or repair of their lot or unit, it is best not to delay. A court may consider or view you as an “Ostrich,” with its head in the sand, and might deem the owner’s request as approved – even if the request violates […]

Architectural Review

Architectural review is a vital part of maintaining the aesthetics and property values in many homeowner associations. Many HOAs have architectural restrictions which protect ocean or mountain views, maintain a pleasing and uniform aesthetic, or prevent owners from allowing their homes to deteriorate. From a practical perspective, this process is often administered by an architectural […]