Tips For Having a Better Annual Meeting- OR

Oregon law requires that incorporated homeowners associations hold at least one membership meeting per year—what is commonly called the annual meeting. ORS 64.201 (1). While associations may hold multiple owner meetings throughout the year, the annual meeting provides association members the opportunity to hear a recap of their association’s activities from the past year, and […]

Effective Collection Techniques

The success of an association, in large part, depends on its fiscal wellbeing. Associations rely on its members to pay their dues in order to ensure maintenance of all the common areas that owners not only enjoy, but that increase property value. What follows are eight techniques for keeping your association’s delinquencies at a minimum: […]

Common Pitfalls

I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity of the solutions HOA boards come up with to the difficult situations they face. Faced with tight budgets, demanding residents, and difficult personalities, the obvious answers often don’t work. Sometimes, though, we get so focused on a particular problem that we lose sight of the big picture – […]

How to Keep Board Meetings Under Control

On the first day of college, in my first class, a professor pounded his fist on the table and yelled, “Method and Discipline, Method and Disciple, that’s all it takes to be successful in college.” While that advice petrified everyone in the class, years later, I find those two elements are all it takes to […]

Meeting Organization

In a homeowner or a condominium association, the decisions are made in meetings. It is important to understand the role that meetings play in the overall administration of an association, as well as what the rights and duties are for the owners and directors at these meetings. First of all, it is crucial to remember […]

Board Meeting Etiquette

1. Use Parliamentary Procedure. There are many different choices, but I recommend Roberts Rules of Order. Another helpful book is A Dummy’s Guide to Robert’s Rules, which makes Robert’s Rules more digestible. 2. Have the Chair Run the Meeting. The chair doesn’t necessarily have to be the President of the Association, but someone appointed chair […]

Board Meeting Minutes

Both the Oregon Planned Community Act and the Oregon Condominium Act require associations to maintain books and records. ORS 94.670; ORS 100.480. Board meeting minutes are a public/legal record of board action. Meeting minutes should accurately and succinctly reflect the actions taken by the board. In general, meeting minutes should include: 1) the date, time, […]