Stay at Home Parents

Deciding to stay at home with your child is an exceptionally admirable choice, but it undoubtedly opens the stay-at-home-parent (SAHP) to certain financial and other vulnerabilities.  This article addresses some of the estate planning issues that should be considered by SAHPs.  These issues are especially important in light of unexpected events: the death of your […]


Lawyers are often asked about an HOA’s ability to restrict or prevent the installation of satellite dishes. An HOA generally has the authority to restrict or prohibit all sorts of things; shouldn’t a satellite dish be included? Given that some believe a satellite dish to be a cumbersome eyesore, it would only seem logical that […]

HOAs Bolster Property Values!

A June 11, 2009 Associated Press article about homeowner and condo associations was picked up by newspapers all over the country. The article played on popular fears of rising foreclosure rates and bankruptcies around the country. Instead of reporting the important and growing role that associations play in maintaining property values, building community, and otherwise […]