Construction Defects

VF Law LLP is dedicated to effectively litigating construction defect disputes on behalf of homeowner and condominium associations, and owners of multi-family and commercial projects. Our litigation team has successfully prosecuted more than 100 million in construction defect claims. We are not a developer’s law firm, and have a singular focus on restoring the equity […]

Construction Defect Litigation

There is no such thing as a perfectly constructed home. In fact, sometimes the developer and builder (i.e., contractor) responsible for ensuring construction quality fail to meet even the minimum standards for construction, such that the resulting building is not worthy of the title “home.” Problems with construction quality have become especially common in the […]

Defect Claims Get a Boost

HOA’s increasingly have exterior maintenance and repair responsibilities in non-condominium developments, and in that regard have the same type of financial responsibility that a condominium association would have over the common areas. When a developer’s defective construction increases those repair and maintenance expenditures, an association can quickly find itself without the funds necessary to make […]