Going Green

Over the last number of years, we have seen policy trends in cities and developments in an attempt to become more “green” as a community. Homeowner associations and condominiums are a prime example, and are recently—as a whole–considering alternative energy sources. In some communities, boards of directors are even receiving requests from owners to install […]

FHA Approval Process for Condominiums

What Managers, Board Members, and Others Need to Know about the FHA Approval Process (Utah Law) October 1st, 2011 Author:  Matt McMullin   A great deal of confusion currently surrounds the issue of FHA approval for condominiums. I get phone calls on an almost daily basis from board members and managers who are curious, confused, or […]

Fraud and Embezzlement Challenges

Examples   Manager Embezzled as much as $4 million Elaborate scheme involving multiple associations Ran the entire day-to-day operation, writing and depositing checks, balancing the books, and getting bank statements   Bookkeeper Embezzled $398,000 Forged board member signatures to obtain bank loans Convicted, but skipped bail and is at large Previous conviction for tax fraud; […]


Lawyers are often asked about an HOA’s ability to restrict or prevent the installation of satellite dishes. An HOA generally has the authority to restrict or prohibit all sorts of things; shouldn’t a satellite dish be included? Given that some believe a satellite dish to be a cumbersome eyesore, it would only seem logical that […]