Tips For Having a Better Annual Meeting- Oregon

Oregon law requires that incorporated homeowners associations hold at least one membership meeting per year—what is commonly called the annual meeting.  ORS 64.201 (1). While associations may hold multiple owner meetings throughout the year, the annual meeting provides association members the opportunity to hear a recap of their association’s activities from the past year, and […]

The Ins and Outs of Taking Minutes in an Association (Oregon Law)

The topic of meeting minutes is one that often brings up groans in the office. This is typically for two reasons: (1) the association has never taken minutes; or (2) the minutes are overly detailed and thorough. Both problems are detrimental to associations. In the first instance, the association with no minutes has not been […]

Board Meeting Minutes (Oregon Law)

Both the Oregon Planned Community Act and the Oregon Condominium Act require associations to maintain books and records. ORS 94.670; ORS 100.480. Board meeting minutes are a public/legal record of board action. Meeting minutes should accurately and succinctly reflect the actions taken by the board. In general, meeting minutes should include: 1) the date, time, […]