Parliamentary Procedure: Amending a Main Motion

Most community associations use Robert’s Rules of Order (“RRO”) to govern both board and owner meetings.  RRO is an effective tool which allows the chairperson to keep control of the meeting and at the same time ensure that members of the assembly are afforded the right to make motions, speak, and meaningfully participate in the […]

Guide to Annual Meetings for Idaho Associations

Idaho law requires homeowners associations that are incorporated as non-profit corporations to hold at least one membership meeting per year.  I.C. §30-3-46(1).  This meeting is commonly referred to as the annual meeting.  Oftentimes, an association holds multiple meetings throughout the year; however, the annual meeting is specifically required by statute for incorporated associations, and it […]

Common Pitfalls HOAs Face, and How to Avoid Them (Oregon Law)

I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity of the solutions HOA boards come up with to the difficult situations they face.  Faced with tight budgets, demanding residents, and difficult personalities, the obvious answers often don’t work.  Sometimes, though, we get so focused on a particular problem that we lose sight of the big picture – […]

The Quorum Requirement: A Creative Solution to Getting Stuff Done (Utah Law)

“Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to our owner’s association meeting. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the quorum requirement to vote on anything tonight, so we’ll need to reconvene this meeting for a later date. Sorry.” Sound familiar?  Lamentably, this scenario is more frequently a reality than a hypothetical for many community associations. If you’ve ever served on […]