ID Legislative Action

Idaho is a great place to live.   More and more Idahoans are choosing to live in homeowner associations and condominium associations. Idaho’s law needs to recognize this and to facilitate the effective operation of these associations. It is time for homeowner associations and condominium owner associations in Idaho to stand up and have our voices […]

ID House Bill 511: Rental Restrictions in Your HOA

Is your HOA currently restricting rentals? Is your board interested in doing so? Do you have a problem with short-term rentals? Are you trying to get FHA approval for your condominium association? If any of these answers are “yes,” it’s important your board knows about recent Idaho legislation that will significantly impact your association. The […]

Renters, Bearing the Brunt of Unpaid Assessments (Oregon Law)

In today’s economic climate, many owners of condominium units, townhouses, and single-family homes are opting to rent their homes in lieu of trying to sell them in a down market. This scenario, however, has the potential to create many problems for homeowners associations. One such problem is what to do when an owner has a […]

Rental Restrictions: Maintaining the Balance (Oregon Law)

The real estate market in Oregon and Washington has been “hot”, and an ever-increasing number of homeowners are looking at the option of renting out their existing home and purchasing a second home. Real estate investors, big and small, have increasingly begun buying units or lots with an eye toward maintaining them as rental properties. […]