ID Senate Bill 1310 to Positively Impact Idaho Homeowner and Condo Associations

March 4, 2014 | By: Jeremy Evans

Press Release Quoting VF Law Attorneys Re: Senate Bill 1310

In order to address the issue of homeowner association fines in Idaho, Senate Bill 1310 represents the beginnings of a promising effort. This bill, with Senator Rice as the driving force, will streamline existing government regulations, reduce red tape, and minimize bureaucratic waste.

“The laws currently governing the community associations industry are incomplete. The limited Condominium Property Act only applies to condominium associations. Idaho corporate law is a poor fit for the industry as a whole,” says Jeremy Evans, an HOA attorney with VF Law LLP.

Homeowner associations, in the meantime, have grown dramatically in Idaho, but have largely been left ungoverned. The current legislation aims to address this issue, but only by regulating the way HOAs enforce their rules. “The problem with this approach is that it creates two competing sets of regulations. This is a bloated and inefficient approach that will incur greater expense, waste, and procedural difficulties for homeowners and lawmakers to deal with over time,” Evans added.

“Idaho has the opportunity here to be an example of smart, efficient, effective government by streamlining existing law into single framework that would serve all homeowner and condominium associations at once.”