Oregon Chapter 40, Oregon Laws 2021
June 23, 2021 | By: VF Law

Hello all,

VF Law wants to share some really exciting news for Oregon Planned Community and Condominium Associations: The Oregon Condominium Act and Planned Community Acts have been amended to allow Community Associations to continue to conduct Electronic Meetings post-pandemic!  Senate Bill 329 was recently signed by Governor Brown and impacts both Board and Owner meetings.

“Electronic meeting” means a meeting that is conducted through telephone, teleconference, video conference, web conference or any other live electronic means where at least one participant is not physically present.

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A short, non-exhaustive, summary of Electronic Meetings requirements:

  • For Board Meetings, there must be proper notice, including among other things what virtual platform is being used and a link or telephone dial-in information to connect to the meeting. The board meeting must allow all participating board members to hear and communicate with each other simultaneously and have access to the materials before or during the meeting necessary to vote.  Also, all people attending must be able to simultaneously hear all the participating board members.
  • For Owner Meetings, proper notice must be given, including how the meeting can be attended and the electronic means to attend. Again, a link or telephone dial-in information allowing owners to connect to the meeting and participate is required.  Owners need to be able to hear each other and communicate simultaneously.  The virtual platform must allow for verification that each participant is an owner or an authorized participant. The necessary materials to vote either before or during the meetings needs to be provided to all owners.

Here at VF we are very excited about this important modernization of HOA law. We want to thank VF founding partner Rich Vial for his active participation in facilitating the introduction of SB 329 and its quick process through the legislature.

For more details, please follow this link to our website: https://vf-law.com/important-oregon-legislation-update-electronic-meetings-now-law/

ASSOCIATIONS SHOULD REVIEW YOUR ELECTRONIC MEETING PROCEDURES FOR COMPLIANCE WITH SB 329. Please feel free to reach out to your VF attorney if you have any questions.