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UT, ID, OR, AZ, CO, and WA Editions

Our statute books comprise a convenient collection of the most relevant state laws for homeowner and condominium associations.

Utah, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon are currently in legislative session. Once the session is complete and the new laws have been codified, new statute books will be available for purchase! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our offices and we will get back to you.

Arizona Note: For an Arizona Statute book, reach out to Arizona’s office directly.

Idaho Note: Idaho’s statutes are compiled and available in our Idaho Handbook: The Official Board Guide, Records and Resources. This is available now! Please contact Ashley Kindall Ashley.Kindall@vf-law.com to request and be sent a FREE Guide Book to help organize and inform your association!


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2014 Colorado Statute Book, Oregon Statute Book 2018 Edition, Idaho 2013 Edition, Washington Statute Book 2019 Edition


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