The Southwest HOA Law Center

As your full-service Arizona HOA attorney we provide HOA and condominium association boards with:

VF Law is your HOA resource, with the education, answers, and everyday advice you need. We are here to assist you, as a full-service homeowner and condominium association law firm providing representation, analysis, and advocacy to Arizona communities.

Explore Free HOA Resources crafted for Arizona HOAs by our homeowners association law, condominium law and real estate law experts.

We believe knowledge is power, and provide complimentary seminars, comprehensive forums, detailed handbooks, and HOA “hot topic” articles to help answer your HOA questions. We can help you navigate the difficulties of community life, so contact an HOAdvisor today for a free chat: [email protected].

As your full-service HOA team, we provide:

  • Homeowner and condominium association analysis and assistance
  • Governing document review, interpretation, and revision
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Educational resources and tools
  • Collections on past-due accounts, with a program that has collected millions in past-due assessments with our no-cost online program*

Explore free HOA resources at VF’s HOA Resource Page!

*No cost to the association to set up. Fees charged to debtor unless the account becomes uncollectable. For more details, visit our HOA Collections page.